general help

New User Corner
If you're just getting started with Nanite Systems products, this is the best place to ask questions and be certain you'll get an answer. Remember to join our in-world User Group, too, as we'll often make announcements there, and it's a great place to get answers in a hurry. Make sure you read any included instructions that came with your purchase, and if you're getting started with a controller, you may also want to read our New Users' Guide for Companion 8.4.
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General Troubleshooting
Have you encountered a problem? If you have been using Nanite Systems products for a while, in all likelihood the answer can be found here or in our official support knowledge base. Beginners should see our New Users section first.
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Advanced Customization Support
Advice and help regarding the creation of personas, shell scripts, LSLisp programs, and other technical aspects of the system.
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History and Paraphernalia
For discussion of obsolete products, the history of Nanite Systems and the robotics industry as a whole, identifying marks, and other related subjects of a non-troubleshooting nature. Additional information can be found at the NSIS wiki.
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Beta Feedback
Have you taken the plunge? Report bugs at this link, and check for already-submitted bugs on the bug console. Updating instructions are here. Remember to make a backup of your controller first!
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Device Development
For questions relating to the light bus, TESI, and other protocols.
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Application Development
For questions about linked messages, OS architecture, and how to make it all fit together.
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