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Obscure Peripheral Features
Trivia · 5 years ago · permalink
A number of peripheral devices include not-so-obvious features and commands worth mentioning. Here are some examples:

  • The SuperBit provides the mood command. This can be used to set the text that appears under your SuperBit's titler. The SuperBit improves compatibility with the NS Simple Mood Manager protocol, so the NanoCom Region Monitor will also display this information.

  • Most Akashic Icons (excluding the Incandescence lightbulb head and the 'Loyalty' NS logo icon) include a cheat script that lets you see local chat even when your ability to hear is disabled, including when your controller is powered down. This is intended for roleplay use. Click the icon to toggle this.

  • Ornamental Status Lights display the unit's "working" status, which can be toggled on and off with !working and !done. This is also activated automatically when processing text, e.g. when voice filters are enabled. Additionally, when standing on a charger, OSL version 2 elements will show the current battery capacity (all segments will be fully lit once the battery is recharged.)

  • The Chassis Specification Unit also responds to the !working condition, producing continuous disk access sounds.

  • NeoVISION and iKON ORAMA eyes have support for !broken and !fixed, and will spontaneously blur your vision temporarily.