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Exhibition Bugs
Companion Bugs · 4 years ago · permalink
Exhibition is Companion's menu system. The current version of Exhibition is version 4, which significantly changed the menu system's structure, allowing for multiple simultaneous sessions as well as multiple access methods through supplementary scripts known as drivers. Companion ships with two drivers, the tty driver and the dwm driver, which control dialog-based menu interactions and on-board touch screens, respectively. (Users of mini controllers, which lack touch screens, may wonder if they can dispense with the dwm driver, but as the dwm driver is also required for responding to most controller touch events, this is unlikely to yield happy results unless you have an alternative access device, such as a remote console and a power switch. It is not required to operate the lid.)

There are three common ailments that affect Exhibition:

  • Duplicate dialog menus. This is caused by an insipidly complex series of events involving a remote access device (including the Screen Console Manager), resulting in multiple sessions for one user key. Although pains are taken in the tty driver to prevent this from occurring, it sometimes happens anyway. The easiest way to resolve this is to reset the exhibition-tty module, which will clear all current sessions without causing exhibition-core to rebuild the entire menu system from the ground up.

  • "Your viewer does not support textbox entry. Please switch to another viewer." For reasons that still bewilder us, the Singularity Viewer does not fully support entry through textboxes, and may instead present a standard dialog with a single button labelled "!!llTextBox!!". We recommend using Firestorm or Catznip instead. Users commonly choose to run Singularity under the mistaken impression that its poor support for advanced graphics means that it is necessarily more attuned to running on low-end computers, but nothing could be further from the truth; all modern viewers allow the user to disable various graphical enhancements.

  • Screen distorted and/or graphics missing. This is almost always caused by modifying the model line in the _oem file. Companion uses the controller's self-identified model to determine a) the screen geometry, and b) battery auto-positioning settings. We warned you not to mess with it!