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On non-standard skin UVs
Excuses · 4 years ago · permalink
For posterity, regarding Kemono:

  • The standard metalloplastic pattern was derived closely from an old system skin called ZGCY-005 by Liquid Mind Creations. That used system UVs, and there's no way to automatically convert from the system to Avatar 2.0 coordinate spaces.
  • Our team consists of a graphic designer and a modeller; we do not have a true visual artist. As such we do not possess the skill or time to meticulously redraw the skin and do it justice. In the past someone undertook the effort to perform the conversion to a range of Utilizator bodies and heads, but unfortunately they disappeared into the night before we could work out payment terms for the somewhat unsolicited commission, and even then, the work was for the old, pre-Nova version of the skins.
  • There are already a wide range of very excellent robot panel lines and similar intended for use on Kemono bodies which are designed specifically to take its geometry into consideration; the metalloplastic pattern wouldn't look as good, as it's intended for a slightly more realistic figure and has actually been optimized repeatedly for the geometry of the Maitreya Lara body specifically.
  • All of the above is magnified a thousandfold for the Rikugou; it has very bizarre UVs and the metalloplastic panel lines would clash horribly with the body's native seams, sockets, and so on. Odessa Wilde previously expressed intent to make Rikugou skins, but to my knowledge she needs a good kick in the pants if she's ever going to make them.
  • Nova and its hyperdetailed bump and spec maps are not stylistically consistent with cel-shaded anime anyway.
  • And if you really want the skin that badly, there's nothing stopping you from using a compatible body for it.

  • Regarding male Omega-compatible skins:

  • Market fragmentation for male bodies is extreme compared to female bodies. The vast majority of female avatars (excluding Utilizator's bodies, as covered above) use roughly the same proportions, but in our skin survey we found that about a third prefer heavily muscled avatars, and another third prefer lithe or femboy avatars, so three different skins would be needed to cover that alone. This diversity is simply too great for us to invest so many hours of work into a market that's estimated to be a tenth of the size of its distaff counterpart.
  • Feature sparsity is a major problem for all mesh bodies trying to fit Omega UVs. We've found on many occasions that places that are dead spaces on normal human skins (i.e., containing no features that require particular shading) are arranged inconsistently, resulting in the metalloplastic panel lines looking very different between bodies; for example, the breasts on Belleza distort the rings around the nipples. In particular, the Signature Gianni has pecs that are somewhat different from a system avatar and do not line up well with some other male bodies. This is a much more dramatic problem than we've seen with any of the female bodies we've tested, and further fragments the market.

  • Regarding other bodies:

  • You have no idea how much work it'd be.
  • Just no.