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Status Update: Kampff–Voet Testing Results
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A few weeks ago we instituted mandatory K–V testing for robots in Eisa to ensure they meet with our safety standards and do not generate lawsuits against the company because they are a) too human or b) insufficiently compliant with their own ethical protocols. It's been a little while since the initiative began, and Dr. Kuusisto has offered the following news on progress with evaluations:

The amount of people we gathered for the testing few weeks back exceeded all of our expectations. Around 45 to 50 participated, which is quite a lot, and more than we even calculated. Now, those who would fail the test are meant to be either a) be scrapped, or b) be re-programmed. We did test runs on a few units to gauge how much a regular "re-programming RP" would take, and we clocked around 1.5 to 2 hours. And, judging from the tests so far, at least 50% of the people taken the test do require this procedure.

So, punch in the numbers to your nearest Texas Instrument, and we get up to, 2×25=50 hours of non-stop roleplay, or at least 37.5 hours. This means to make this work, we need to develop a RP scenario to spread it out over a couple of weeks.

"Why can't you just send the results over to us, and we'll get the information later?" By doing this I would get swamped with messages, asking, "When will I be reprogrammed?" To answer that question, I'd find it easiest and most convenient to do the announcements in one big swoop.

So I thank you for your patience on this matter. Thank you.