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Obscure Product Features 2
Trivia · 4 years ago · permalink
Continuing from last time...

  • NeoVISION and iKON ORAMA eyes don't just support !broken and !fixed, they also support !light error, which will give you spooky red-ring-of-death eyes until !fixed.

  • Akashic Icons are compatible with Lust Industries blinkers, and can charge the core at the Drone Station in Dolly Dreams. Users of devices designed to detect these messages might be surprised to find that using the "silly" function on the icon, which emits the sound of a Jeep horn, produces the text "Wouldn't You Like To Be A Pepper Too?"

  • The love particles feature of the Akashic Icons firmware was also inspired by the Drone Station, where mute, rubbery devotees regularly greet each other with bombardments of multicolored hearts.

  • Certain attachments have sink priority, which causes the particles from the Akashic Icons to go into them rather than avatar center (which is usually, rather unceremoniously, your crotch.) This is true of controllers, icons, and the SuperBit.

  • NS induction and plug-in chargers, including the ARC, internally use the ACS charging protocol, although only the FRG Induction Charger is compatible with Nekobots and ACS constructs. Of the four alternative charging protocols Companion supports (Spectrum+1, UMD, Qetesh, and ACS), ACS is the only type actively under development. UMD chargers are believed to be extinct, Spectrum+1 chargers were deprecated by the developer in favor of an obfuscated protocol which operates on an unknown channel, and only a single charger remains for Qetesh's avatar life meter, located on the grounds of its creator's store.

  • The Demo Stand supports vertical position adjustment with the Page Up and Page Down keys.